I messed this post up, just shows we are all human !!

Tracks 01-08, 14 & 15 are unchanged, but tracks 09-13 had to be edited. Torrent name and
track files remain the same so you should be able to jon in ~ 65%. Humble apologies

Miles Davis Septet 16/48 [Lewojazz-TomP remaster]
Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
Paris, France
Performed: 1984-11-06
Broadcast: Francemusique 2-part "Les légendes du jazz" 2020-05-16 & 17

Recorded by Lewojazz 256/48 mpeg-TS file > 16/48 wav (ffmpeg)

Contrast clause:
cosmikd http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=678565 is FM with slightly
different tracking to this 16/48 post which retain the original broadcast codec also
includes extra remastering, art and flac tags

Fine Lewojazz art is included - thanks !!

Quality: EX

Another pair of fine Lewojazz recordings, it required just a litle extra remastering but
quite significant editing to remove the intrusive announcer talk over track transitions
so as to retain continuity and music talked over.

It sounds really good and I hope folks like it.

TomP post on Dime, 20 May 2020...Enjoy !!

Miles Davis (trumpet, keyboards)
John Scofield (guitar)
Bob Berg (tenor & soprano saxes)
Robert Irving (keyboards)
Darryl Jones (bass)
Al Foster (drums)
Steve Thornton (percussion)

01 - Star People 07:33
02 - What It Is 09:41 (John Scofield, Miles Davis)
03 - It Gets Better 13:37
04 - Something's On Your Mind 10:15 (Hubert Eaves III, James D-Train Williams)
05 - Time After Time 07:44 (Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman)
06 - Hopscotch 04:25
07 - Announcer 00:17
08 - Star On Cicely 01:17
09 - What's Love Got To Do With It 08:14 (Graham Lyle, Terry Britten)
10 - Bass Solo [Darryl Jones] 03:21
11 - You're Under Arrest 10:05
12 - Announcer 00:29
13 - Jean Pierre 09:45 10.34.400 start
14 - Decoy 12:51 (Robert Irving III)
15 - Announcer 00:39

Total= 100:12

All music tracks composed by Miles Davis unless indicated.

Just to repeat, this post is 16/48, not CD compatible and
conversion to 16/44.1 will result in some SQ drop

Edit details (Audition CS5.5 unless indicated)

Raised music levels +6dB above announcer talk
Further overall volume increase +2dB
Removed or reduced announcer talk as mush as possible
Fixed broadcast tr03 glitch at 4:45
Fixed short balance & volume variations throughout
Fixed short phase inversions throughout
DC-offset correction (Nero)
Phase offset correction, moved L-channel +1 sample (Nero)
Tracking (Nero)
Flac tags (Tag&Rename)
Flac6, decode check & md5 (TLH)