November 14, 1971 (7 items; TT = 84:24)
Teatro della Fenice, Venice (Italy)
Audience recording
Miles Davis Septet

Miles Davis (tpt)
Gary Bartz (ss, as)
Keith Jarrett (el-p, org)
Michael Henderson (el-b)
Ndugu Leon Chancler (d)
Charles Don Alias (cga, perc)
James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

1 Directions 10:36
Theme stated at 2:06, 3:40
2 What I Say 16:36
3 Sanctuary 3:17
4 It's About That Time 17:48
5 Honky Tonk 14:10
6 Funky Tonk 20:30
7 Sanctuary (closing theme) 1:27

cassette (unkn gen) > .wav > .flac (level 8)

There is some confusion about this concert. It's often confused with the
show from London the day before. Someone recently wrote me that "there have
been seeds of these two dates on DIME and Lossless Legs that are the same
show" -- and these both turned out to be the London show from November 13th.

The seven items listed above are from a different show, clearly an audience
recording, from the Teatro della Fenice. The quality leaves something to be
desired, but given the confusion between this concert and the London concert,
I figured it would still be worth putting it out there.