Club 279 (above the Hard Rock Cafe)

DPA4061>PCM-M1>Tascam DA-20> Art USB Phono Plus SPDIF coax in, USB out> Audacity>16-48

taper: martman
mastering: bluebomber

received as a single file

01 Blood of the Sun
02 Why Dontcha
03 Theme for an Imaginary Western
04 Leslie's story
05 Crossroads
06 The Sea
07 Mutant X
08 It's a Man's World
09 Nantucket Sleighride
10 Paint It Black>Star Spangled Banner
11 crowd
12 Mississippi Queen>Never In My Life
13 crowd

Leslie West - guitar, vocals
Ritchie Scarlett - bass, vocals
Corky Laing - drums

note: Most audience participaction attenuated during music

bluebomber 2020