Malm´┐Ż, SWE - KB

source: Master audience, Zoom H2 w/ internal mics
length: 66.02min

I uploaded this the day efter the gig but haven't seen it reposted these past
ten years, so Now is the time I think.

I had the pleasure of getting to see Mountain twice, this was my second time.

As luck would have it I brought my equipment to tape the show, something I
hadn't decided to do before hand. I was only going to see the show and not tape
but for some reason I changed my mind. That was a close call. This is an
excellent show, the sound is nice and People get ready is aweinspiring.

They changed the set up as they went, the written setlist included Crossroad
and a Leslie solo-spot with Long red/Cell/Blowin' from which they only kept
Blowin'. Instead Leslie added People get ready. And suddenly the world became
a better place for a few minutes.

Thank you for the music mr. West, rest in peace and love.

01 Blood of the sun
02 For Yasgur's farm
03 Never in my life
04 People get ready
05 Rev Jones - bass solo
06 Theme for an imaginary western
07 Blowin' in the wind
08 Nantucket sleighride
09 Mississippi queen