MGG (Muthspiel-Grigoryan-Grigoryan)

The Church of The Trinity, Goodwood Rd Adelaide South Australia

Very quiet and appreciative aud of about 150, on two occasions the people in front spoke several words quietly and there are a few faint coughs in the background of one track.Other then that its about perfect.
set 1
01 intro
02. Duende
04 Kanon B Minor in 5/4
05 The Henrysons (Muthspiel)
06 intro
07 Dukes Blues
08 intro
09 Museum of Light
10 Tuning
11 Everything Happens To That Dog( Muthspeil )

Set 11
12 Applause
13 Amarone Trio
15 Blues For Ralph
17 Liebeling
18 Intro
19 Nico und Mithra (Muthspiel)
20 Tuning
21 Beneath An Evening Sky (Towner)
22 Tuning
23 Bird's Eye View (Muthspiel)
24 applause
25 Tuning
26 Encore :unknown

Wolfgang Muthspiel guitar
Slava Grigoryan guitar
Leonard Grigoryan guitar ( took the place of Ralph Towner who could not attend due to illness)

Lineage: About 5 rows back right of centre .
SP CMC-8-25 >Sony-PCM-M10> SP battery Box> wav file 16 bit > Mac Pro> Audition (volume adjustments,tone down applause > xact flac transfer
. recorded. mastered and transferred by GGB