My Morning Jacket
The Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

Schoeps mk41 > NBob Actives > Naiant PFA > Sound Devices MixPre-6 (24cm, 70deg, 12', inside SBD cage, 24/44)
SD Card>Audacity>FLAC
recorded/mastered/seeded by chk

01 Intro
02 Heartbreakin Man
03 They Ran
04 The Bear
05 Nashville To Kentucky
06 Old Sept Blues
07 If All Else Fails
08 It's About Twilight Now
09 Evelyn Is Not Real
10 War Begun
11 Picture Of You
12 I Will Be There When You Die
13 The Dark
14 By My Car
15 Butch Cassidy
16 I Think I'm Going To Hell
17 Rocket Man
18 Weeks Go By Like Days
19 Tyrone
20 Tonight I Want 2 Celebrate With You!

"The Tennessee Fire" 20th Anniversary show
Thanks to Ryan Pickett for the hospitality

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