NDR Jazz Workshop No.54

Sonny Grey, trumpet
Don Rendell, flute, soprano & tenor saxophone
Dominique Chanson, flute, soprano & alto saxophone
Tony Scott, clarinet, baritone saxophone
Pierre Cavalli, guitar
Mal Waldron, piano
Niels-Henning Oersted Pederson, bass
Alex Riel, drums

1. Anthony (T. Scott) (08:34)
Solos: Scott (bs), Cavalli, Rendell (ts), Oersted Pedersen, Chanson (as)

2. Sunny's Blues (M. Waldron) (04:23)
Solos: Gray, Cavalli, Oersted Pedersen

3. Loser's Lament (M. Waldron) (07:07)
Solos: Chanson (as), Rendell, (ts), Waldron

4. Nina's Dance (M. Waldron) (10:06)
Solos: Cavalli, Gray, Waldron, Chanson (fl), Scott (cl)

5. La Belle Dominique (T. Scott) (04:53)
Solo: Chanson (ts)

6. Bud's Study (M. Waldron) (05:21)
Solo: Waldron

Recorded at Großer Sendesaal des NDR, Hamburg, Germany on December 1, 1967.

Engineer: Werner Münchmeier
Produced by Hans Gerthberg.

There were more tracks recorded on this date:
Trans-Trane Dance (T. Scott) - Minor Festival (M. Waldron) - Speedy (M. Waldron) - The Life and Death of Charlie Parker (M. Waldron)
An excerpt of the tune "The Life and Death of Charlie Parker" is included as "Blues for Charlie" on the LP NDR Jazzworkshop 1968/69 (NDR 654 057).