NDR Jazzworkshop no. 56
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg, Germany
March 29, 1968

Source: FM radio broadcast

Allan Botschinsky, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Torolf M�lgard, trombone
Claes Rosendahl, tenor saxophone, flute
Lee Konitz, alto saxophone, flute
Heinz Sauer, soprano & tenor saxophone
Cecil Payne, baritone saxophone, clarinet
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, organ
Attila Zoller, guitar
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin, drums

01. Struwwelpeter (A. Zoller) 6:02
Solos: Botschinsky, Sauer (ts), M�lgard, Dauner, Payne (bs), Rosendahl (ts), Zoller, Phillips

02. Beehive '94 (W. Dauner) 6:50
Solos: Zoller, Payne (bs), Dauner (org), Konitz (as)

03. The Sweet Hustler (A. Zoller) 5:56
Zoller and rhythm section only. Solos: Zoller, Phillips

04. At Twilight (A. Zoller) 6:23
Solos: Sauer (ss), Konitz (as), M�lgard, Zoller

05. Up To The Moment (B. Phillips) 8:33
Solos: collective, Phillips, Sauer

06. Rumpelstilzchen (A. Zoller) 8:14
Solos: Zoller, Phillips, Sauer, Martin

07. Impressions Of Sounds For Piano And Band (W. Dauner) 5:47
Solo: Dauner (p)

08. Flying Fish (C. Payne) 7:14
Solos: Payne (bs), Botschinsky (flh), Dauner (p), Zoller, Sauer (ts)

09. Cry Cry Gypsy Cry (A. Zoller) 9:36
Solos: Zoller, Sauer (ts), collective

10. Rebecca Is 18 (L. Konitz) 5:56
Konitz and Zoller only

11. Git The Money Blues (J. Owens) 7:31
Solos: Zoller, Sauer (ts), Botschinsky (flh), Rosendahl (ts)

Total time 1:18:03

Recorded at NDR Jazzworkshop No. 56; produced by Hans Gertberg.
"The Sweet Hustler," "At Twilight," and "Rebecca Is 18" are included on the LP NDR Jazzworkshop '68 (NDR 654 057). However, all of the NDR Jazzworkshop compilations are apparently non-commercial releases. They are distributed as "library music", and are not available for purchase by consumers, which makes them promo-only releases. (Source: Dime ban lift notice for torrent #172494)

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