Nanci Griffith
Los Angeles,California
November 27,1983

Background info. KPFK FM Radio broadcast a folk/singer songwriter show starting in 1970 ish by Roz and Howard Larman.Howard past away in 2007. So anybody who was anybody who passed through Los Angeles would visit Roz and Howard on their show.For those in Los Angeles they either hate or love KPFK and that is if they even know of it's existence and most don't or think of it as ,well they used too at any rate, "that leftie commie" radio station. Nonetheless all the folkie singer songwriters from Frostbite Falls to Mossy Bottoms,Kentucky knew of Roz and Howard Larman.Got it.

Now as for info on this I have tried to piece together what this is as I cannot find any concrete info on this show.
It sounds like a rebroadcast of a Nanci Griffith show from November 27,1983 as Roz Larman says so.She states the date and I am infering that this is a rebroadcast from her statement.It also sounds vinyl ish but very clean. Now we do know that the 1983 date is correct as Nanci states on separate occasions that two songs will appear on her next album which is Once in a Very Blue Moon which came out in 1984. One tune is The Ballad of Robin Winter Smith and the other is Ghost in the Music. She also states that she is working with a trio which consists of I just forgot what she said.Cello player and something else but on this set she is solo acoustic no players.
The show is a real treat as you get early acoustic Nanci and some very nice oddball Nanci rarities.For example I Still Miss Someone didn't show until Other Voices,Too which is 1998. And the tune Grace of True Love Holds;which becomes Time Alone.
The second song I couldn't figure out so if anybody knows that one please post it. It's just plain killer Nanci Griffith.

The lineage goes cd-r trade>me>EAC>traders little helper>you.

1.I Still Miss Someone
3. I Remember Joe
5.Wichita Falls

6.intro/There's a Light Beyond These Woods
7.intro/Grace of True Love Holds:which became Time Alone
9.intro/You Can't Go Home Again
10.intro/West Texas Sun
11.intro/Ballad of Robin Winter Smith
12.intro/I Hear Nevada
13.intro/Ghost in the Music
14.Howard Larman/guitar tuning
15.Tappan Zee
16.intro.Neon and Waltzes

There is a release of some Folkscene compilations and the Nanci Girffith tune on the comp is Love at the Five and Dime which is not on this one.