Nanci Griffith & the Blue Moon Orchestra 1988-xx-xx

Nanci Griffith & the Blue Moon Orchestra

Victoria Theatre


01 Lone Star State of Mind (3.16)
02 Banks of the Pontchartrain (4.02)
03 intro (0.47)
04 I Knew Love (3.23)
05 Lookin' for the Time (Workin' Girl) (2.48)
06 band intro (2.07)
07 Once in a Very Blue Moon (2.25)
08 Ballad of Robert Winter-Smith (3.40)
09 intro (0.57)
10 The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (3.51)
11 intro (0.58)
12 Listen to the Radio (3.13)
13 I Would Bring You Ireland (3.31)
14 Outbound Plane (3.01)
15 intro (3.35)
16 There's a Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret) (4.17)
17 intro (0.37)
18 Love Wore a Halo (Back Before the War) (3.38)
19 From a Distance (4.51)
20 Ford Econoline (2.36)

Total length 57.36

FM > cassette (master) > CDR > WAV > trader's little helper > FLAC

This broadcast is from the first half (probably the first third) of 1988 - I can't track down an actual date, so any help would be welcome.

I only heard about Nanci Griffith as I won tickets to see her on this tour (through a local newspaper - I entered every week's competition and sometimes got lucky). I was captvated by her singing voice, so when she was on the radio I recorded it.

To be honest, it's not really "my thing" - I find a little country goes a long way. But when it's right, it can be sublime. For me, the best track on this is "There's a Light Beyond These Woods, Mary-Margaret", which still brings a tear to my eye (and I'm a grown up now!).

Another confession - I find her speaking voice extremely grating. I apologise to anyone I've offended by sayng this, but there it is. But she says some heartfelt things and is so in love with the music, that I can cope with it.

By the way, the recording leaps into the first song and cuts very near the end of "Listen to the Radio" (which is a great shame as they are just launching into whatever the country version of a wig-out is).

So, I hope you enjoy it.

Oh yeah, and all the usual dos and don'ts apply.