Nancy Sinatra at the House Of Blues, Cambridge, MA, May 13, 2003, audience recording.

This was recorded with Sony TCS-580V with built-in stereo mics. TDK SA90 (Type II) went from Onkyo TA-RW 313 into Audigy Soundblaster SE. I used Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 12 to make the initial wav files and the track markings. I also did a small amount of editting for a tape flip. Wav converted to flac with Flac Frontend.

The recording quality gets a B, for the most part. It was recorded from about 15 feet from the stage, a little bit in front of the merch booth, generally placed on a drink rail. Towards the start of track 20, I went back to the bar, ordered a drink, and left the recorder with my future wife while I hit the hopper. When I tried to make my way through the crowd during Lightning's Girl, I found it to be difficult to squeeze back to my spot, so the last five tracks were recorded twice as far back in the club, and are much chattier sounding (listen for the dingbat yelling "play boots again" after "These Boots..."). Beyond that, there's a tape flip between tracks 14 and 15, and the transition is a little abrupt sounding. The tape runs out right at the very end of So Long Babe. No music is missing, but it's also abrupt sounding. I feel that her vocals could've been a little higher in the mix.

The band backing her is:
Tom Lily - bass
Lanny Cordola - guitar
Don Randi - keyboards
Gilby Clarke - guitar
Clem Burke - drums

01 - Intro
02 - The Last Of The Secret Agents
03 - A Little Less Conversation
04 - Your Groovy Self
05 - Nancy Speaks
06 - How Does That Grab You
07 - Nancy Speaks 2
08 - Here We Go Again
09 - Runnin' Down A Miracle
10 - Barricades And Brick Walls
11 - Find Out What's Happenin'
12 - Kind Of A Woman
13 - Nancy Speaks 3
14 - Sixty Minute Man
15 - Drummer Man
16 - Flowers
17 - Tony Rome
18 - In Our Time
19 - Jackson
20 - Sugar Time
21 - Lightning's Girl
22 - You Only Live Twice
23 - These Boots Were Made For Walking
24 - So Long Babe

I have uploaded this show in the past to zomb, and a dime user posted it here, but this version is about 30 seconds longer with the intro, has better track markings, and has no cdr in the lineage.

Enjoy - don't sell, don't circulate as mp3, and give credit to crematia13 when posting elsewhere.