Audience recording of a wonderful set by Nancy White and band at the Leonard Cohen Conference. The performance provided me with an opportunity of learn details new to me about Mr. Cohen and enjoy excellent songs and several good laughs. Very sadly, Nancy is relatively unknown even within Canada.

Montreal. QC -- McGill University Moyse Hall
2000-05-12 -- 61:05

01. -intro-
02. -talk-
03. Un peu cochon
04. -talk-
05. Take This Waltz
06. -talk-
07. Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In
08. -talk-
09. -poetry recital-
10. -talk-
11. He Wrote Too Many Songs About His Girlfriend
12. -talk, talk, talk-
13. Jesus at Tim's
14. -talk-
15. Leonard Cohen's Day Job
16. -talk-
17. Mitterrand's Last Meal
18. -talk-
19. So Damn Taut
20. -talk-
21. Get Down Off That
22. -talk-
23. Closing Time

note: 'Leonard Cohen Conference'
Nancy White - songwriter, except
t05, 09, 23: Leonard Cohen
t15: Austin Lounge Lizards

musicians: attribution of instruments may be incorrect
Nancy White - vocals, banjo
Bob Johnston - piano, vocals
Matt Zimbel - guitar, percussion

No artwork.

Recorded by stevemtl: Sennheiser MKE2002 > Denon DTR80P (16 bit, 48 khz)
Transferred by stevemtl: Sony R500 > R44 (@24/48)> HD
Mastered and posted to DIME 2017-07-23 by stevemtl:
HD > Soundforge (trim, edit, fades, L2 level adjust) > r8brain (vhq downsample) > Soundforge (L2 dither) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent) > DIME

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