w/ the Bob Margolin Blues Band
w/ guests Charlie Musselwhite, Wayne Bennett & Grady Gaines

June 10, 1990

Chicago Blues Fest
Petrillo Bandshell
Grant Park
Chicago, Il.

fm broadcast- from master

1) intro
2) *Honey Bee (Margolin- vocals)
3) Who Told You
4) I'm a Lemon-Squeezin' Daddy
5) ????
6) Worried Life Blues
7) **Cause You Weep & Moan (title?)
8) **intro to "Night Time"
9) **The Night Time is the Right Time
10) Nappy Brown inteerview

Nappy Brown- vocals
Bob Margolin- guitar, vocals
Bass - Mookie Brill
Drums - Clark Matthews

* Harp- charlie Musselwhite
**Guitar- Wayne Bennett
**Tenor Sax- Grady Gaines