Narada Michael Walden
Shelton, CT
May 29th, 1979

Steve H aka fzmoi69 Aud Recording>?>CDr>EAC

Narada Michael Walden: Drums
Corrado Rustici- Guitar
Bobby Vega- Bass
Frank Martin- Keyboards
Marc Russo- Saxophone
Dave Grover- Trumpet

T1 Instrumental(Inc) 3:32
T2 Love Me Only 8:00
T3 Delightful 7:52
T4 I Don't Want Nobody Else 11:13
T5 The Awakening (Pt.2) 9:19
T6 Meditation 2:14
T7 The Sun Is Dancing> 11:15
T8 Narada Drum Solo>Narada/Corrado Jam> 14:56
T9 The Sun Is Dancing(Reprise) 5:42
10 ? 5:40

This is overall a really cool show-IMO. A few poppy numbers but there is hard hitting fusion/funk to chew on too. "The Sun is Dancing" alone is worth a click. Corrado Rustici is an incredible player, if you have never heard him. Anyway,not many (any) 70's era Narada Shows circulating & thanks goes to agalli for sending me this.