Narada Michael Walden
Tarpon Studios
San Rafael, CA
February 26th, 1989

Narada Michael Walden: Drums
David Sancious: Keys
Randy Jackson: Bass
?: Guitar

* My somewhat wild guess is that the guitarist is Corrado Rustucci. He was hanging/recording with Narada in the 80's and this guy & has that speedy rock style. I don't think it's Sancious (a great guitarist, though!)

* Cheesy 80's synth patches somewhat pollute this recording. The heavy jamming more than makes up for it-IMO!

SBD>?>Cassette>CDr>EAC>fade in/level boost w/ Audacity>FLAC
EXCELLENT sound but not the greatest mix.

*I split the jam into two parts just for the sake of manageability(+ mods don't like bundled affairs?)

T1 Jam PT I (fade in) 20:29
T2 Jam PT II (fade out) 15:15

TT 35:45

Okay this cuts in like someone realized there was an ass kicking jam in progress and hit record (I made a fade in). This is pretty much one big loose jam so don't expect complex fusion compositions ala The Warriors. Narada solos? A few short ones here & there.

This is a very rare recording. I got it from someone who used to teach Narada tennis back in the 80's. I have traded it a few times but that's about it. FYI- Tarpon Studios is Narada's studio where he produces those gold statue earning pop numbers.