Narada Michael Walden’s Warriors
Keystone Palo Alto, CA

Narada: Drums
Randy Jackson: Bass
Joaquin Lievano: Guitar & Voc
Walter Afanasieff : Keys
Steve Kindler: Violin

Here's another Warrior's Show. It's a couple days before the one at the Berkeley Greek.The good news is that it's longer(2 CDS/sets?) and sounds good for an aud. The bad news is that it IS an aud source this time and suffers from a little hiss etc...

Seems that they were recording for the never released live album this night.

I planned to up this one eventually as the last one was received well but an enthusiastic request got me on it. Plus... I'm sure everybody had a chance to digest last one.

Also, this one is also dedicated to THE BROOKS, one of my oldest and most profound influences in music on the funk,fusion & FZ side(and a great drummer too), who just joined DIME a few days ago. (this is the second post where I have gotten all sentimental. Don't worry, it won't be a habit!)