Nash The Slash
The Black Swan
October 20th 2007

set I

01 to 06 - "A View From The Gallery" set.
I do not know the names of these instrumentals/songs.


Set II

01 intro..Psychlone
09 Tension
10 Swing Shift
11 Something Weird On My t.v
12 Dead Mans curve
13 Underground
14 Improv Stuff
15 Teenage Wasteland
16 encore__crowd
17 Inna gadda divida
18 crowd_outro

recorded with -- Core Sound Cardiods Microphones -- Core Sound 3-wire battery box -- Sony MZ-N1 Mini Disc Recorder.

-- Realtime Transfer to Pc -- Cdwave -- Wav file -- Wavelabs (raised DB only) -- Flac'd -- Finished!

rec'by Bobcat


This was my first time seeing Nash play!!!!

We were sitting at a table near the front for the first set. Then for the second set we sat on the dance floor
a few feet away from the right stack. i moved right in front of the stack after awhile :)

For crappier mics this sounds pretty good being i was so close to the stage-speakers.

It would be nice to see some other recordings surface.i havent heard this show in some time since i taped it,this brings
back good memories! i did share this on Dime back when i taped it so this is a reseed.

Its the same files as before only named better/resplit one file and with a better txt.

Rest In Peace Nash The Slash! Thank You for the music! You were a great performer and i enjoyed seeing you play live twice!

Listen In Safety!!!! ;)