**** The Nat Adderley Quintet Live at Sweet Basil's Project ****

.........out of the old cassette case.

As many of my fellow Dimers know I am a Cannonball Adderley completist/fanatic. In the past I've upload quite a few shows of Cannonball many of which I recorded myself way back when. After Cannon's untimely passing back in 1975 I lost touch with "Brother Nat". I had been purchasing his recordings but hadn't seen him live until October of 1989 a recording of which I uploaded here on Dime and heretofor will be know as "Volume 1" of this series of recordings. I was really taken with this band and went to see them as often as I could driving to New York from just outside of Philadelphia. As you can see I saw Nat's band a total of eleven times from '89 to '97 and recorded the band each time. It was a good swinging band and I always left the club uplifted. As Hal Galper once noted this was the last...as he put it of "the big beat" bands. I decided to dedicate myself to putting these cassettes to cdr (hence the self-indulgent title) and will post them as I complete them here.

The remaining Nat Adderley recordings of this project are:

"The Nat Adderley Quintet Live at Sweet Basil's Project"

Vol. 1 - 10.13.89 (previously uploaded to Dime)
Vol. 2 - 8.29.91 (previously uploaded to Dime)
Vol. 3 - 1.4.92 (previously uploaded to Dime)
Vol. 4 - 4.18.92 (with guest Bill Cosby previously uploaded to Dime)
Vol. 5 - 8.18.92 (previously uploaded to Dime)
Vol. 6 - 10.22.92 (this present upload)
Vol. 7 - 4.2.93
Vol. 8 - 4.10.93
Vol. 9 - 9.25.93
Vol. 10 - 1.4.94
Vol. 11 - 1.4.97

also previously uploaded:
The Nat Adderley Quintet Live at Sweet Basil's 2-19-83
FM Broadcast

The recording is quite good. Check out the sample.

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Thanks to all who make Dime happen. A place where buried gems liked this one can be shared freely.

The Nat Adderley Quintet - Vol.6
Sweet Basil's
New York City
October 22,1992
Audience recording by Mee for You

Set 1
101. warming up / intro's 1:21
102. Unit 7 11:11
103. Nat Talks 3:19
104. Stella by Starlight 12:46
105. Nat Talks 4:15
106. Mo's Theme 9:18
107. Nat Talks 1:44
108. Try a Little Harder (solo piano) 5:16
109. Nat Talks 1:08
110. The Jive Samba 10:24
111. The Scene (break tune) 4:25
112. outro 0:34
TT: 66:03

Set 2
201. intro's 0:34
202. Scotch & Water 11:50
203. Nat Talks 1:07
204. Azule Serape 11:59
205. Nat introduces Kenny Drew, Jr. 3:19
206. This I Dig of You* 3:19
207. Nat Talks 0:48
208. Chelsea Bridge* 9:38
209. Nat Talks 0:38
210. The Work Song 11:58
211. The Scene (break tune) 5:05
212. outro 0:22
TT: 65:25

Nat Adderley - Cornet
Vincent Herring - Alto Saxophone
Rob Bargad - Piano
Walter Booker - Bass
Jimmy Cobb - Drums
*Guest: Kenny Drew, Jr. - Piano

Sony Stereo TCS-310 cassette recorder with condenser microphones/JVC stand alone burner/flac via TLH/Dime/You