RTE Inconcet Program In Edit Highlights Boradcast Sunday 6 November 2011.
Radio One 88.5 F.M. Recived Direct From Over Air Transmissions With A Whip Antanna.
Concert National concert hall Dublin Wednesday 4 May 2011.

Let There Be Love - A Celebration of Nat 'King' Cole.
Gary Williams vocalist,
John Wilson conductor,
RT� Concert Orchestra & Big Band,
Rediscover the romantic magic of Nat 'King' Cole in an evening of smooth ballads
and swing classics, all in the original arrangements. Hear Gary Williams, 'one
of the best swing voices Britain has ever produced' (The Times), jazz specialist
John Wilson and the thrilling sound of the full RT� CO & Big Band .

RTE Radio One 88.5 F.M. Broadcaast 6 November 2011.
In Concert Program.
01 Intro.
02 Lets Face The Music and Dance.
03 Smile.
04 Say It Isnt So (Billy May).
05 Mona Lisa.
06 Unforgettable.
07 (Get Your Kick) Route 66.
08 L.O.V.E.
09 Pick Your Self Up.
10 With Out A Song (Nelson Riddle).
11 End Of a Love Affair.
12 The Song Is Ended (Melody Lingers).
13 Get Your Kicks On Route 66 (Alt Version).
In Edit Broadcast Ends.

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