Nativos Jammin Orchestra
4th Annual Virginia Key Grassroots Festival Of Music And Dance
Meadow Stage
Miami, FL
2015-02-21 Saturday
74'F 54%RH

Source: (1) Busman BSCS-L > Apogee Minime Rev. C > R-44 (24/41)
(2) SBD > R-44 (24/41)
Location: FOB sweet spot
Transfer: Audacity > Soundforge > CD Wave > TLH
Soundman: Charles
Taped and matrixed by capnhook

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Nativos Jammin Orchestra
d1t03 Turi Turi
d1t04 -song intro-
d1t05 Musica de los Andes
d1t06 -song dedication-
d1t07 Sale El Sol
d1t08 Forever Loving Jah ~ Reggae Rumba
d1t09 Echate Paca
d1t10 Merenguito
d1t11 -outro-

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Fabio Pati´┐Żo - Vox & Percussion
Chris Lopez - Guitar
Naldo Laboy- Cuatro
Sam Savage - Trombone
William Vivas - Tenor Saxophone
Karla Corona - Conga
Ephniko - MC & Congas
Renzo Vargas - Drums
Will Rodriguez - Bass
Monsef Rachid - Guitar
Catalina Roca- Vocal
Samara Ash - Vocal
Cintia Lovo- Vox & Percussion
Jennie Delgado- Bongos


Jasmin Freire- Production Coordinator
Catalina Roca- Design, Media & Merchandise
Carlos Maldonado- Stage manager

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