Natural Gas
opening for Yes
Cobo Arena
Detroit, MI
August 17, 1976
JEMS Master

Recording Gear: Advent microphones > Sony TC-153SD cassette recorder

JEMS Transfer: master cassette > Nakamichi 670ZX (azimuth adjusted) > Wavelab 24/96 capture > iZotope MBIT+ resample to 16/44.1 .wav >TLH>flac

For fans of Badfinger/Joey Molland and British rock legends in general, this tape may prove to be a treat. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only known live recording of the short-lived Natural Gas, who released one self-titled LP in 1976 on the Private Stock label. It was Molland's first group following the demise of Badfinger, but certainly continued on in that spirit, albeit with more of classic rock overlay coming from his bandmates. Mountain's Felix Pappalardi was their producer (He also produced Cream, Hot Tuna, White Lightning, The Dead Boys and others).

The recording is another one of Jared masters that was never transferred or circulated until now. Jared made the transfer himself and it was on one of several hard drives he handed off to me two weeks before he passed. On this night, Natural Gas was the opening act for Yes and Jared recorded both artists with his top rig: the Sony SD153 recorder and Advent dynamic mice. The result is an impressive audience pull, especially for Cobo Arena.

Thanks to our friend realomind for final prep, polishing and publishing of the show. We value our collaborators now more than ever.

Butterking for JEMS

Joey Molland on guitar and vocals (Badfinger)
Mark Clarke on bass and vocals (Colosseum, Tempest, Uriah Heep, Billy Squire, Mountain et al)
Jerry Shirley on drums (Humble Pie)
Peter Wood on keyboards (Quiver, Al Stewart, Pink Floyd touring line-up 1980-81, Lou Reed)

01. I've Been Waiting
02. Little Darling
03. Dark Clouds
04. You Can Do It
05. Miracle Mile
06. St. Louis Blues
07. The Right Time

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