Who: Neal Morse Band
What: Live Concert
When: 2015-11-15 (November 15th 2015)
Where: The Pool Stage, Norwegian Pearl, Cruise to the Edge 2015
How: H2 Zoom recorder -> Audacity (normalizing & Tracking) -> Traders Little helper for Flac encoding
By Whom: Enchantgy (enchantgy@gmail.com)

I was expecting bad weather. It was windy, and there were a few drops here and there, but no real rain.

I keep my recorder on my shoulder, under my shirt. Ususally my left shoulder, but I was getting the wind right in my left ear, so I moved the recorder to my right shoulder. I was about halfway between the mixing desk and the stage, close to the last layer of folks that were standing close to the stage.

Occasionally, you can hear that the wind is playing with the sound, but I don't really notice that the mics are picking up the wind. I'll admit, I am not a huge Neal Morse fan, so I didn't listen to the recording thoroughly either.

There's another recording out there. If you think the other is better, feel free to nuke this! You won't hurt my feelings

01 Introduction
02 The Call
03 The Leviathan
04 The Grand Experiment
05 The Creation
06 The Waterfall
07 Alive Again

Some requests:
-Please don't share in a lossy format (feel free to convert to mp3 for personal use)
-When you do share this recording (in the original format) please make sure that this file is shared with the files.