Artist: Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Title: 1992.02.12 Melbourne, Australia, The Palace (FM)
Date: 1992.02.12
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Venue: The Palace
Taped By: Unknown
Quality 9/10

Lineage: Unknown FM Broadcast > One Generation Tape (?) > CDR > FLAC Level 8 (Media Jukebox)

1. What Gives My Son?
2. Bite
3. Until You Find Out
4. Capital Letters
5. Scrawl
6. Happy
7. Trust
8. Legoland
9. Less Than Useful
10. Cut Up
11. Grey Cell Green
12. Kill Your Television

Got this quite a while back from a trader in Australia who claimed he recorded is straight from the FM broadcast onto a cassette which he made a CDR copy of for me. I have no idea if this is true but to my ears the sound is really good. It was already edited when I received so there is no evidence of any FM announcers and it fades out at the end to the sound of the crowed chanting "Ned's! Ned's Ned's!" highlights for me at the tracks "Bite" and "Scrawl" which don't appear on any on their most popular albums but are two of my favorites. I also like that you can hear the crowd singing along to "Kill Your Television" on the last track.