And yet another in my Crappy Masters series of shows. My wife was a big Neil Diamond fan at the time so I got tickets for her. I brought along my trusty el cheapo mono recorder to archive the moment. Neil puts on a good show and the band is excellent. This is pretty much a greatest hits show with extra stuff thrown in from his then current LP. We were in the balcony pretty much in the nosebleed section so it does sound a little distant. I used SoundForge to beef up what I could.

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Neil Diamond
Mobile Municipal Auditorium
Mobile, Alabama
Nov. 26, 1982

Disc 1
1. intro / America
2. Love On The Rocks
3. Desiree
4. I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight
5. Kentucky Woman
6. Cherry
7. Sweet Caroline
8. Morningside
9. Play Me
10. Beautiful Noise
11. Surviving The Life
12. Do You Know What I Mean
13. Hello Again
14. Robert E. Lee
15. Dancing In The Streets
16. September Morn
17. Forever In Blue Jeans
18. You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Disc 2
1. Heartlight
2. Flight Of The Bumblebee
3. Song Sung Blue
4. Cracklin' Rosie
5. Holly Holy
6. I Am...I Said
7. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
(Be, Dear Father, Lovely Looking Sky, Sanctus, Sky Bird, Be)
8. Sooliman / Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
9. America (reprise)
10. closing music