Neil Diamond
Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, NY
February 11, 1989

I recorded this with another one of those little handheld cassette recorders. Kinda shitty recording; a bit distorted. The second tape has not aged well. The first 2 sides sound not too bad, but side 3 is beat. Sounds like the azimuth is way off, but its not. I adjusted it to where the tape hiss was as clear as possible, but the music is still muffled.
This was the first of 5 times I saw Neil. Think what you may of him, he really is an impressive showman. The fancy hardwood "in the round" stage, the sequined jackets. The man can perform. My mom was a huge ND fan and when I grew up that was all you'd hear in my house. I still love all the old Bang records material, and several of the early Uni records are pretty good too. Up to Beautiful Noise I truly like. The rest...meh. Anyway. My mom got free tickets to this (Neil will not perform to less than a full house; what doesn't sell is given away on show day) and she took me along. I really enjoyed it. Enough that I went to see him 4 more times. I hope someone else out there will appreciate this as much as I do.

Lineage on this is cass(1) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (NR, EQ, Limiting, track splitting) > TLH (SBE fix, flac 8) > you

101 Intro
102 Skybird
103 Desiree
104 Hello Again
105 September Morn
106 You Got To Know You
107 Over Again
108 Solitary Man
109 Kentucky Woman
110 Red Red Wine
111 I'm A Believer
112 Sweet Caroline
113 Soolaimon
114 Beautiful Noise
115 Home Is A Wounded Heart
116 If You Know What I Mean
117 The Best Years Of Our Lives

201 You Be Mine
202 Forever In Blue Jeans
203 You Don't Bring Me Flowers
204 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
205 Heartlight
206 Headed For The Future
207 Love On The Rocks
208 Song Sung Blue
209 Cracklin' Rosie
210 I Am...I Said
211 Cherry Cherry
212 Holly Holy
213 Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show