Neil Diamond - 2008-05-14 "Live at the BBC 2008" soundboard ( Excellent sound quality ) with samples!

Neil Diamond performed an intimate session at the BBC Radio Theatre on 2008-may-14th,
Promoting his 29th studio album 'Home Before Dark'

Source: soundboard (FM)
quality 9.5 (1-10 scale)


01. Beautiful Noise
02. Hello Again
03. Love On The Rocks
04. Thank God For The Night Time
05. Pretty Amazing Grace
06. Home Before Dark
07. Forever In Blue Jeans
08. "Speech by Neil"
09. Man Of God
10. Cracklin' Rosie
11. Sweet Caroline
12. I'm a Believer
13. I AM...I Said

Time 55 min

good performance ,great songs , excellent sound, nice audience, a must have !!

thx to the original taper/uploader, thanks Enlight

Enlight (not important) note:

For those who knows me better for the Dire Straits/Mark knopfler uploads, and doesnt see any comparison between Neil Diamond and Mark Knopfler, and why should you , just two great artists which i both like very much , can be a little bit off , Richard Bennet has been Mark Knopfler's go to guitar player in the studio and on the road since 1994 (and still is,) but he spent almost seventeen years (1971-1987) as Neil Diamond's guitar player before that. :-) (

Enlight note:

** The tracklist on the Back-cover doesnt seems to match this show properly, the speech isn't mentioned, and it says that "Cherry,cherry" is on , what ever the mistake is, i couldn't find another one, if one of you boys and girls can provide a proper one , please feel free to attached in the comment section!


cover-art** , flaclog, MD5 included

Take Care