BBC Radio 2 Live presents Neil Diamond
This concert is also being broadcast on BBC TV

Iconic American singer-songwriter Neil Diamond is back with a new single and album and performed for Radio 2 Live on Wednesday 14 May.

Neil Diamond performs an intimate session from the BBC Radio Theatre. The singer/songwriter -responsible for such pop classics as Sweet Caroline, Cracklin' Rosie, I'm a Believer and You Don't Bring Me Flowers - releases his 29th studio album this month.

Promoting 'Home Before Dark'

Time 54.41
Size 374mb
Lineage Analogue FM Tuner R1 Cooledit Flac TLH (compression 6)


01.Beautiful Noise
02.Hello Again
03.Love On The Rocks
04.Thank God For The Night Time
05.Pretty Amazing Grace
06.Home Before Dark
07.Forever In Blue Jeans
09.Man Of God
10.Cracklin' Rosie
11.Sweet Caroline
12.I'm a Believer
13.I AM...I Said


01.Beautiful Noise BBC 08.flac:172128ce42d97f0badd533bc38289258
02.Hello Again BBC 08.flac:e5eddcf345509db78940b405aee3ff6e
03.Love On The Rocks BBC 08.flac:c422db1fb4ff185dcc8f414ba8b19cec
04.Thank God Night Time BBC 08.flac:446eb4d8bd794c4238b59a301281e2b1
05.Pretty Amazing Grace BBC 08.flac:6b71605ef5322f91a64a33445b644902
06.Home Before Dark BBC 08.flac:613889b3d823c562d6f518242d43e2b4
07.Forever In Blue Jeans BBC 08.flac:e4af961588824521d7483f2154f739d9
08.Talk BBC 08.flac:92d80b252f6a275666bb36c14fe79af9
09.Man Of God BBC 08.flac:fb3d1d4cb0f936fb741fe3789bc881d6
10.Cracklin' Rosie BBC 08.flac:6bd5ad479f08903ffd0588b145345790
11.Sweet Caroline BBC 08.flac:ab03731aa0dd0ecc7e0ae170ba04a495
12.I'm A Believer BBC 08.flac:0300085be6acb1c576a4730f53c17083
13.I Am...I Said BBC 08.flac:eee2be45945ef010b4cff17596610ada