Neil Sedaka, 14 Karat Soul and The Capris
Rye Playland
Rye Beach, NY

June 12, 1993

The BR Series Vol 29

Source: WCBS-FM > Cassette Master (Maxell XL-IIS 100)

Transfer: Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)

Editing: Soundforge (editing & tracking) > Wav > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac Level 8

Traders Den 9/15/15

Transferred, channels balanced and tracked by kingrue Upload 599


Today we have something unique and rarely heard. The 4th annual WCBS Cousin Brucie show.

3 different artists performing a long selection of old school 50's and 60's classics.

From a venue I've never heard anything from before.

This took me a little more time to prepare, you'll notice over 50 tracks.

Some songs are snippets and/or teases of the full songs.

The opening act '14 Karat Soul' are on stage for less than 15 minutes and run through 12 songs.

Then we get the main act 'Neil Sedaka'. He performs 16 songs and talks with the DJ between each song.

You'll notice I tracked all the talking and songs seperately.

Then we get 'The Capris' as the closer. They perform many hits from 'The Platters'.

The tape flip was between tracks 28 and 29. No music missing.

Luckily a 100 minute was used, yet the last song runs out of tape and I faded it out.

I'll be curious to see what kind of attention this gets.

The quality is great on this.

A thanks to BR for the tape.

Samples Provided

Enjoy The Show Folks.

14 Karat Soul = 14:14 min

01 WCBS Introduction
02 Annie Had A Baby (The Midnighters)
03 Baby Don't Do It (5 Royales)
04 Sixty Minute Man (The Dominoes)
05 Money Honey (Little Richard)
06 Do You Remember When We Met
07 Little Darling (The Diamonds)
08 Mr Bass Man (Johnny Cymbal)
09 Little Bitty Pretty One (Jackson 5)
10 Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)
11 Sticks and Stones
12 Rockin' Robin (Bobby Day)
13 Rockin' Robin (The Hollies)


Neil Sedaka = 62:57 min

14 DJ Introduction
15 Happy Birthday Sweet 16
16 DJ and Neil Talks
17 Laughter In The Rain
18 DJ and Neil Talks
19 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
20 DJ and Neil Talks
21 Stairway To Heaven
22 DJ and Neil Talks
23 Calendar Girl
24 DJ and Neil Talks
25 Love Will Keep Us Together
26 Next Door To An Angel
27 Mony Mony
28 Goodnight Sweetheart
29 Oh Carol
30 DJ and Neil Talks
31 The Diary
32 DJ and Neil Talks
33 Where The Boys Are
34 DJ and Neil Talks
35 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
36 DJ and Neil Talks
37 Why Do Fools Fall In Love w/14 Karat Soul
38 Earth Angel
39 DJ and Neil Talks
40 Stand By Me
41 DJ and Neil Outro


The Capris = 26:12 min

42 Rock Around The Clock
43 Shake, Rattle and Roll
44 Charlie Brown
45 Yakkety Yak
46 Johnny B Goode
47 DJ and Capris Talk
48 My Prayer
49 Twilight Time
50 The Great Pretender
51 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
52 Baby Come Back To Me
53 There's a Moon Out Tonight
54 Good Night Sweet Heart

Total Time = 103:24 min