The Ducks (short-lived band of Neil Young, Bob Mosley, Jeff Blackburn and Johnny C. (Craviotto).
Summer, 1977 compilation
Santa Cruz, California, USA

EX soundboard! - Previously uncirculated!

This just came my way from a friend who I recently met here in Santa Cruz. It came from outside of the "tape collecting world" from cassettes squirreled away many years ago and were just transferred to share for the first time. The other three members besides Neil Young were associated with Moby Grape and this band only did perhaps 20 shows or so at most, and all in the Santa Cruz area. No soundboard recordings of live shows have circulated till now and nothing has ever been released in any form by this band. I transferred two 90 minute compilations of live tracks that were not well labeled but they are from more than one night with the likely venues being The Catalyst and The Crossroads.

CD1 - 52:36
101 [2:37] [cuts in] A Deeper Mystery
102 [1:02] talk
103 [2:40] Gypsy Wedding
104 [0:51] talk
105 [3:14] Bye Bye Johnny
106 [0:41] talk
107 [4:11] Long May You Run
108 [1:25] talk (Neil broke a string)
109 [4:43] Sailor Man
110 [3:53] Younger Days
111 [1:25] talk
112 [6:17] Love You Forever
113 [3:42] Gone Dead Train
114 [4:44] [cuts in on first notes] Hold On Boys
115 [5:20] Sail Away
116 [0:25] talk before set break
117 [5:26] Silver Wings

CD2 - 35:26
201 [5:18] [cuts in on first notes] Two Riders
202 [4:03] Poor Man
203 [4:51] Mr. Soul
204 [0:35] talk
205 [3:48] Tore Down
206 [4:16] [cuts in on first notes] Wide Eyed And Willing
207 [3:14] Truckin' Man
208 [4:54] Don't Let Em Get To You
209 [0:47] talk
210 [3:40] [cuts in] Long May You Run [cut]

Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
Jeff Blackburn - guitar, vocals
Johnny C. (Craviotto) - drums, vocals

Probable lineage: multi-track masters > Dolby B encoded Maxell UDXLII cassette (unknown recording decks).
Transfer [2013-08-27]: Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > Macintosh with Digidesign Audiomedia III sound card > Pro Tools (minor "nip and tuck" edits, normalization & tracking - no EQ or additional noise reduction) > AIFF >xACT (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).
Enjoy and SHARE!