Several Neil Young shows from this tour are available, however, didn't see the February 1st show,
so here it is. The recording is a pretty good bootleg for 1971, although it has some vinyl
imperfections on side one, and some rough transitions between songs. I cleaned up some dead space
between songs, but didn't do anything with any rough edits. Most of the ticks are cleaned up
(some remain), and applied some filtering to deal with some, but not all, of the vinyl
noise, mostly on side one. Artwork included.

Neil Young: Live On Sugar Mountain
February 1, 1971
Accompanying Himself on Piano, Guitar, and Harmonica
Vinyl bootleg, very good audience recording
Vinyl=> CD Spin Doctor => ClickRepair => Audacity => xAct => FLAC

Album Side One:
Heart of Gold 4:07
A Man Needs a Maid 5:07
Old Man Take a Look At My Life 4:20
Journey Through The Past 3:15
The Damage Done 4:00

Album Side Two:
Love In Mind 2:02
See The Girl Dance 1:54
Ohio 3:37
Sugar Mountain 10:11
See The Sky About To Rain 3:29