Neil Young
Aichken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan
w/ Crazy Horse

Source : Lossless Legs post by 'dazed64' - thanks !!

..which originated from Dime post by zuma11 - thanks too !!

...also an inferior sounding copy without the last 2 tracks is also still on Dime...

Audience recording > "Wet Show" Bootleg (Tarantura Label) > CDR
Transfer : CDR > EAC > xACT1.5b3 > flac(8)

Changes Made (Nero 7):
Adjusted phase, -0.15msec d1, +0.15msec d2tr01-11, none d2tr12-13 (different source?)
- fixes left balance bias on headphones & right bias on speakers
- instruments now more centrally located in the stereo image field
Reuced right channel by 20% on disk 1 only
Cross-mixed channels (97:3 disk1 and 95:5 disk2)
- instruments / drums clearer and sharper
- more bass and background ambience
Fixed a number of glitches and (mic?) bumps.
Fixed a number of short balance fluctuations

Quality: Now worth an A++ for the solo disk1, A+ for Crazy Horse disk2

The original is a good raw sounding recording, but with shrill treble, phasey balance
offset and little bass / background ambience, all of which have now been fixed (above).

Now it is a wonderful listen, especially the solo tracks, with good clear instruments,
excellent stereo image and improved bass / background ambience...

...Enjoy !!

Disc 1 (31:37) Solo

01.00 Intro
04.13 Tell Me Why
03.46 Mellow My Mind
04.25 After The Gold Rush
03.24 Too Far Gone
03.30 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
03.56 A Man Needs A Maid
03.16 No One Seems To Know
04.40 Heart Of Gold

Disc 2 (67:01) with Crazy Horse

00.54 Intro
05.51 Country Home
00.56 Band Intro
04.53 Don't Cry No Tears
09.32 Down By The River
04.33 Lotta Love
09.02 Like A Hurricane
04.35 The Losing End
05.28 Drive Back
08.14 Southern Man
--- (encore)
05.10 Cinnamon Girl
--- (encore)
01.00 Announcements
06.49 Cortez The Killer

Original notes >>>

I don't usually source shows from bootlegs, but this is an
exception. I just got this from a UK Eric Clapton collector who
follows the Japanese bootleg releases. This recording of the first
show of 1976 Japanese Tour is from a previously uncirculated
master and contains a previously uncirculated second encore of
Cortez The Killer. This is a recent release from the apparently
exclusive Tarantura label and is supposed to be direct from the
original cassette masters.

The sound is stellar. Even better I think than the excellent
version previously circulated on Dime by the always generous edtyre.