Neil Young
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
w/ Crazy Horse

Source : Audience recording > Bootleg (Tarantura Label) > CDR
Transfer : CDR > EAC > xACT1.5b3 > flac(8)

Disc 1 (31:09)
1. Intro
2. Tell Me Why
3. Mellow My Mind
4. After The Gold Rush
5. Too Far Gone
6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
7. A Man Needs A Maid
8. No One Seems To Know
9. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2 (59:18)
1. Intro
2. Country Home
3. Don't Cry No Tears
4. Down By The River
5. Lotta Love
6. Like A Hurricane
7. The Losing End
8. Drive Back
9. Southern Man
--- (encore)
10. Cortez The Killer
11. Cinnamon Girl

I don't usually source shows that are
not from my masters, but this is an
exception. I just got this from a UK
Eric Clapton collector who
follows the Japanese bootleg releases.
This recording of the first
Budokan show of 1976 Japanese Tour
is from a previously uncirculated
master. This is a recent release from
the apparently exclusive Tarantura
label and is supposed to be direct from
the original cassette masters. Zuma11
seeded the 3-3-76 Nagoya show a few
weeks ago and this Budokan show is
supposedly from the same taper.

The sound is very good. I've been told
this is better then the Nagoya show but
I think I prefer the Nagoya.