Neil Young
Bicentennial Park, Miami, FL.
Benefit for Children's Hospital Charity
Nov. 12 1977

AUD > ? > remaster (unk. process) by Lost Optimist > ? > SHN [July 2005]
> FLAC + checksums + improved info. by amellowsoul [Oct. 2013]

01 Are You Ready For The Country?
02 Dance, Dance, Dance / Love Is A Rose
03 Old Man
04 The Losing End
05 Heart Of Gold
06 The Needle And The Damage Done
07 Sugar Mountain
08 Happy Birthday To Neil
09 Already One
10 Lady Wingshot
11 Four Strong Winds
12 Down By The River
13 Alabama / Sweet Home Alabama
14 Are You Ready For The Country?

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
with the Gone With The Wind Orchestra...
Nicolette Larson - background vocals
Ben Keith - steel guitar
Rufus Thibodeaux - fiddle
Spooner Oldham - piano
Tim Drummond - bass
Karl Himmel - drums

This is the exact same source as the SHN files that were treed at hempsall in the summer of 2005.
I changed the SHN (because it's pretty much a dead format) into FLAC. I also corrected/edited the several .txt files, which had repeated, out dated or unrelated information. Edited versions of these will appear below. I kept the cover art. If one has this show in known lineage, please feel free to share!

-Tom S. (amellowsoul)


Dedicated to the memory of Gaetanne Nadon

Neil Young, from his book, "Waging Heavy Peace" (2012) - "Everyone played, and it was the country wall of sound, the Gone With the Wind Orchestra. What a sound! Soon after I was so high on that orchestra that I did a free concert in Miami, and took the whole group down there and played. But we didn't record it - I can't believe it. It must be the only thing I've ever done that I didn't record. I did "Sweet Home Alabama" at that show, and the folks loved it. My own song "Alabama" richly deserved the shot Lynyrd Skynyrd gave me with their great record. I don't like my words when I listen to it today...)"

Remaster notes (edited) - Every time I saw 11/12/77 on someone's CDR list I'd trade for it, hoping it might be an improvement over the lousy copy, but everyone seemed to have the same version. It got so frustrating that I eventually fished out my analog tape version, which actually sounded BETTER than the one that's currently in circulation on CD, and transferred it. I did a bit of tinkering around with it (a/k/a mastering) and--Viola!--I got a disk that was a vast improvement sonic-wise. Transferred from my own analog tape collection to CDR and then *A-Hem* sonically enhanced with hiss removal software. Show starts out a bit muffled, but improves 10 seconds into the first song. Wavers a little throughout this first song, but by 3:48 it settles into a consistent level.

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