Live From The Grand Old Rusted out Garage
(and without a gold rush)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Boston Garden
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
October 4, 1978
filename: ny10478flac16
performance quality: A (A classic NY show!)
recording quality: B (maybe B+?)
lineage: Unknown microphones (pretty good ones) >
Technics tape deck (a good one) >
Maxell XLII master cassettes >
Maxell UD 7" reel (3 3/4ips) >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
setlist: all EXCEPT TRACK 5 (after the gold rush) appear in this post.
disc 1: 61:42
1: sugar mountain
2: I am a child
3: comes a time
4: already one
*5: after the gold rush (* REMOVED from this posting: officially released on "live rust")
6: the thrasher
7: my my, hey hey (out of the blue)
8: set change (Woodstock announcements)
9: when you dance
10: the loner
11: welfare mothers
12: downtown
disc 2: 61:52
12: the needle and the damage done
13: alotta love (?)
14: ?
15: powderfinger
16: cortez (spliced)
17: cinnamon girl
18: like a hurricane
19: encore break #1
20: hey hey, my my (into the black)
21: encore break #2
22: tonight's the night
It's been a very nice 2 weeks uploading shows on the dime, and maybe the only thing not
nice about it has been THIS THING. It's getting kinda old (sorta like some say Neil is too),
but only due to a shortsight of mine, a VERY STUPID one to any real NEIL head, I didn't know
until much too recently, "live rust" is NOT the same album As "Rust Never Sleeps' which I've
had for years.
That stupidity ruined not one, but TWO tries for me to post this show, and all over quite
possibly my own DEAD LAST choice of a song from this great concert to release officially.
I've still never seen Neil in concert, but this was my 1st live Neil Young recording, I
came upon it quite unexpectedly many years ago, probably just a couple of years after the
concert, and this was one of the 1st audience recordings I put on reel, because it is from
a master, it's from the Boston Garden, and of course, it's Neil Young. For a long time I
had little to compare it to, so I figured it must be typical for Neil to put on a hot show.
It seems typical for Neil to put on a good show, after hearing some 100 or so recordings
of his (including the recently released Massey Hall 71 acoustic show), but some are hot,
some are not. My 1st friend who is a serious fan of Neil Young (apparently there are many
of those) must have at least 250 Neil shows of all eras and he ranks this one as one of the
very best shows. Not an especially unusual setlist, but a very strong performance of about
2 hours and easily the best all around (performance and sound) aud I have heard of the Rust
Never Sleeps tour. There's been alot of very nice Neil uploads here on dime. I don't have alot
from Neil to offer, but this is one case where quality helps make up for lack of quantity Neil
masters or 1st gen. recordings. There is a brief interruption in Cortez, for tape flip, so I
spliced it together the best I could. I didn't notice anything else missing or any problems in
the recording. The guy who gave me this recording had several of his masters stolen (including
Jethro Tull Boston 78 which I tried unsuccessfully to record myself but did see- a very good show),
fortunately not this one because he did a good job with it. I don't think he used dolby on it.
I know I didn't. (I've never used dolby for a reel and only a very few times for a cassette).
This is one of my most often played reels, but it's held up well, because even often played
reels are reels, which don't get much play in my house because it's such a pain in the butt to
deal with a reel to reel... This show even got an airing on WCUW as part of our tribute to
"live from the Grand old Garden," and establishes Neil as one of the countless great artists
to give a great performance in Boston Garden, one of the only venues in America to host
James Brown, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, the Who, the Rolling Stones
and U-2. Neil's had a few nice shows at Boston Garden. This may very well be his best ever there.
If you can't decide whether you prefer your Neil electric or acoustic, this is a good one for you
because there's plenty of both here and it all sounds great. The only reason I didn't rate it a B+
is because it's not real close up, but it's not distant sounding either. Somewhere in between.
Boston Garden was not very kind for sound quality, but if I could pick one band whose sound is
best suited for Boston Garden, I'd have to pick either Nirvana (who is torrent-banned here on
dime) or Neil and Crazy Horse. It shows here too. He actually sounds good in here (not just in
this show either)- good the way Neil sounds good. I like Nirvana a little bit, but I'd much rather
hear Neil anyway. Especially this Neil. I really wish I could have got more than this one show
from this particular source. He didn't tape alot, but had some good stuff (probably all classic
rock type stuff too.). I'm very glad I was able to get this recording from him, I think it's the
only one I was able to get. Rust is one of my favorite Neil eras, and this is easily my favorite
Rust show (although I've only heard maybe 3 or 4).
So far, almost all of my uploads have gone smoothly. I had a technical issue momentarily with my
J. Beck and one other resolved before any downloader knew there was any problem, but this thing
has been the problem child in my upload nest, and it is time to sort the problem aside, Neil down
and be glad it's almost spring...
(in the form of a released track in this show, so move over, after the Gold Rush. At least from
this torrent)
It's time for the Neil kingdom to hear the real reason I have put myself and dime, through alot
of crap (mostly due to my own ignorance of Neilature!), to share this concert with you. I have
removed the released track, and now I should not create any problem for dime or Neil or anyone
else by posting the rest of this fantastic performance. A great deal of patience was needed just
to get me upload ready to share these shows with you on dime. I could have gone to another site
and posted it all, but dime plays by the rules, and so does glasnostrd19. That's why this should
work out well for both of us. So I'm removing the released track and doing it as I'm supposed to.
Even though in this case, I really don't believe Neil would have wanted all this fuss over 1
audience track from the live rust disc in an entire concert recording, but rules are rules,
especially copyright related ones.
My apologies to ALL the folks who tried before to get this before only to be cut off due to the
ban for a released track. At least that won't happen again with this. (I pray!!). For historical
significance, this is the 1st incomplete post from glasnostrd19 on dime, OTHER than that caused by
the missing of the beginning or ending of a concert. I hate chopped liver uploads, but this concert,
just 1 track removed., I can live with that. This show jhas to be heard. This is the best kind of Neil.
It's Real, REEL, Neil to open up March on the dime. now FINALLY you all can hear why I say that.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.