I have see this show just seeded in the past, and have feel the sample sound quality.
I have (just from some years) a DAT CLONE of the original Analog master sended by D.L. and I think that this version will be an upgrade for the quality sound as the show sound as was recorded today.
If you like Collect Neil Young shows, this is an important piece.
Hope you like the quality.

P.S. = I don't know the Lineage equipment used for record this show

AM-D-D>External Soundcard EXTIGY connected with my DAT DECK with an optical cable and with computer via FIREWIRE at 24 bit 96 Khz>GOLDWAVE SOFTWARE Resample at 16 bit and 48 Khz > the entire File splitted with CD WAVE > encoded iin FLAC for you.



Neil Young

Bread And Roses Festival
w/ Hawks And Doves
03-10-80, Greek Theater, Berkeley, California

Are You Ready For The Country?
Stayin' Power
Motor City
Union Man
Comin' Apart At Every Nail
Hawks And Doves
Four Strong Winds
Are You Ready For The Country?

Hawks and Doves band
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica