Neil Young Band
Palo Alto, Ca.
Keystone Club

2.Comes A Time
3.Old Man
4.Destioned To Rock>Beggers Day
5.Like an Inca
6.On My Way Home
7.Dont Cry No Tears
8.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
9.Cowgirl In The Sand
10.Sample & Hold
11.Mister Soul
12.Hey Hey My My
13.Cinnimon Girl

Neil Young & The Restless
Seattle, Wa.
Paramount Theater

1.Rockin In The Free World "1st time played"
3.Down By The River

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Archive #2
The 8/5/82 show I found out about this show by walking by the club and seeing "Niel Young Band Tonight Cover $5" on the marque.It's was a wild, hot, time since it was a word of mouth show. He used to do shows as this in the Bay Area on quite a few occasions during this period.
The 2/21/89 show was special in many aspects including the fact that "Rockin' In The Free World" was played for the 1st Time ever this night!!!! What a Surprise!!!
Nice to see how this has evolved over the years.
Enjoy, Den

Hey Now folks,
Thought I would start a new project in making this music available to you as I go through my audio tape collection of 30 years.
These are from the masters I and friends have recorded. I'm going to do things a little differently then you all are used to but variety is the spice of life, right??
I'm not going to put up full shows as all others do....I am going to give you the best quality highlights I have.
Let me know how I'm doing as we go along here and request artists you wish to hear as well if you like.As long as there is interest I will creat more of these.
One Love Den