Neil Young and Transband Quimper 1982 09 18 aud 2d gen

Recorded : Quimper stadium - France - on 1982 09 18 (unknonw equipment).
Sony tape played on a Denon DRR M10 deck>ZOOM H4>PC>Audacity editions (tracking and volume)>FLAC

CD 1
01 on the way home
02 don't cry, no tears
03 everybody knows this is nowhere
04 cortez the killer
05 if you got love
06 soul of a woman
07 are you ready for the country ?
08 southern man
09 a little thing called love
10 old man
11 the needle and the damage done
12 comes a time
13 birds
14 band intro
15 beggar's day (Nils)

CD 2
01 like an inca
02 hey hey, my my (into the black)
03 cinnamon girl
04 like a hurricane
05 i am a child
06 sample and hold
07 mr soul

I found this in my basement, looking for some stuff to save on cd's and I thought may be someone would
like to listen to this one.
The set list is usual but the show is a little bit longer than others.
As long as i remember, 1st gen tapes were lended by my old friend XP and i made equalized copies.
Seems the show is recorded near to the speakers and the sound is very correct after the first song.
The concert features an extended like an inca version.
Thanks to the taper.