Neil Young
1982-09-20 Sportpaleis Ahoy', Rotterdam, Holland

Please note that this upload contains the following folders:

RAW - Direct Transfer of the RR Analog Master (no editing whatsoever)
RR-Edit - Fully edited version of the show by Reel Records

Source: Sony ECM 939LT > WMD6 > XLI-S
Location: Arena, about row 8 (seated)
Tapers: MJ / VP (from 1st RR Collective)
Transfer: Nakamichi DRAGON > Tascam SS-R1 > CF-card reader > PC > WAV > flac
Editing: Reel Records (Soundforge, Magix Samplitude, BBE Sonic Maximizer, sev. Plug-Ins) > WAV > FLAC)
Artwork: Not included
Raw Version: No editing, not prepared for CD burning, make split e.g. after Birds

Disc 1:
On The Way Home
Don't Cry No Tears
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Cortez The Killer
Computer Age
Soul Of A Woman
Are You Ready For The Country?
Southern Man
Little Thing Called Love
Old Man
The Needle And The Damage Done
Comes A Time

Disc 2:
Beggars Day
Like An Inca
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Cinnamon Girl
Like A Hurricane
I Am A Child
Sample And Hold
Mr. Soul

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