Neil Young and The Trans Band
Dortmund, Germany, Westfalenhalle 1
Monday, October 11th, 1982

Master - Audience recording from my old Maxell XL II C-90 Tapes


Strange Artwork (my very old artwork) is included !!

This concert I taped with an AIWA walkman (I do not remember what kind of AIWA it was)
and an extra microphone (I can't remember what microphone it was).

I taped this concert from the middle of the floor on the right side about 8 meters from the stage,
a bit left from the catwalk, Neil used to have on this tour.
The sound quality is very good +, sometimes better.

Hmm, this was my second Neil show I ever saw and, yeah, he did it well that evening.
You can hear a lot of "Buuuuuhs!" when he played some new stuff,
but this evening he did a fine job and played a real long set.
When I first saw him a few weeks before at Wiesbaden I wasn't real much into that gig,
did not really like it that much. But this Dortmund-show was great.
..and now, having seen him several times, this concerts ranks about No. 14 from my nowadays 19 - Neil - shows
I've been to.

Why it was called "Live Rust" I don't know because it had nothing more to do with that,
but for selling more tickets it was o.k.. The concert was completely sold out.

Here's the setlist:

Cinnamon girl
Everybody knows this is nowhere
Southern man
Computer age
If you got love
Are you ready for the country?
Soul of a woman
A little thing called love
Old man
The old laughing lady
After the goldrush
Transformer man
Beggars day
Sample and hold
Hey hey, my my (Into the black)
Like a hurricane
Comes a time
Sugar mountain
Mr. Soul
I am a child

Feel free to create a better sound.
Feel free to create a better cover.
Never ever create better labels for the CDs (impossible!!)

seed it wherever you like.
Do not sell. For trading only. ..and - of course - this is for fun!