Neil Young - solo & w/ The Shocking Pinks
Seattle Coliseum
Seattle WA

Unknown low gen aud > Nero 6 rip > flac16 (level 8)
sector boundaries verified w/ Traders Little Helper

Disc One -- 57:35

01. Comes A Time
02. Motor City
03. Down By The River
04. Soul Of A Woman
05. Old Ways
06. Old Man
07. Helpless
08. Dance, Dance, Dance
09. Heart Of Gold
10. Don't Be Denied
11. Sail Away
12. Powderfinger
13. Ohio

Disc Two -- 55:01

01. After The Gold Rush
02. Transformer Man
03. My My, Hey Hey
04. Mr. Soul
05. Sugar Mountain
06. Jellyroll Man
07. That's All Right (Mama)
08. Wonderin'
09. Kinda Fonda Wanda
10. Bright Lights, Big City
11. Get Gone
12. Everybody's Rockin'
13. Do You Wanna Dance?

Note: one channel drops out during part of Heart of Gold.

The Shocking Pinks:

Ben Keith -- guitar
Larry Byron -- piano, trumpet, vocals
Anthony Crawford -- percussion, vocals
Rick Palombi -- piano, vocals
Craig Hayes -- baritone sax
Tim Drummond -- bass
Karl T. Himmel -- drums

I got this in a trade years ago from a guy who I believe got it from the taper. Sound is
very good, especially for an arena.

For anyone unfamiliar with this tour, it's Neil solo (with some backing vocals) through
Sugar Mountain. Then he changed into a pink suit and came out with a rockabilly band.
The whole thing was hilarious. When I saw it later in the tour, they started throwing
copies of the Everybody's Rockin' album into the crowd like frisbees, with Neil saying
take it home and listen to it, people, it's the only way you'll ever hear it!" He was
really into this Elvis wannabe character. A bizarre phase even for Neil, but great fun.