Neil Young
Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand

w/ The International Harvesters (01-17) And Crazy Horse (18-26)

01 . Are You Ready For The Country?
02 . Comes A Time
03 . Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
04 . Fingers
05 . Heart Of Gold
06 . Amber Jean
07 . Too Far Gone
08 . Roll Another Number
09 . California Sunset
10 . Southern Pacific
11 . Don't Let It Bring You Down
12 . Soul Of A Woman
13 . Old Man
14 . The Needle And The Damage Done
15 . My My, Hey Hey
16 . The Old Laughing Lady
17 . After The Gold Rush
18 . Cinnamon Girl
19 . Cortez The Killer
20 . Don't Cry No Tears
21 . Touch The Night
22 . Misfits
23 . Like A Hurricane
24 . Hey Hey, My My
25 . Powderfinger
26 . Sugar Mountain

Tour : 1985 Tour of Australia & New Zealand

Band : Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, vocals
Anthony Crawford - guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Larry Cragg - banjo, autoharp
Joel Bernstein - guitar

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Discs: 2
Quality: *** (see you notes)
Arts: Yes

Here is Christopher Small's original notes about the sound quality:
This is an audience recording, probably from some place in the back. There is obvious crowd noise (whoops, occasional clapping along, talking), as well as some other harder-to-pin-down noise (someone crumping up a potato chip bag?). There were fireworks during the show, which are audible, and elicited more whoops. The source disc has some noticeable jumps between songs, and some between-song discontinuities, as if it had been dubbed TAO at some point.
On the copy I am distributing I edited out the blank space, but could do nothing about the discontinuities.
The last song (Sugar Mountain, probably an encore) was missing the first bit; I faded it in, instead of having it start abruptly.
There is digital cruft (sounds like the CD is skipping) on at least a couple of songs. I tried ripping the songs multiple times, with different software (EAC and CDex), on different drives (Philips and Lite-On), with no luck.
The problems include Cortez at 2'22", Cortez between 4'00" and 4'10", and Powderfinger from 2'24" to 2'27".

The show is quite listenable and enjoyable. Enjoy!!!