After request here to you the CHICAGO show from 1985 TOUR

NEIL YOUNG & GREY RIDERS (a.k.a. International Harversters)

UICC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois
August 10, 1985

Country Home
Comes A Time
Looking For A Love
Bound For Glory
Heart Of Gold
Barstool Blues
Southern Pacific
Once An Angel
The Needle And The Damage Done
Sugar Mountain
Nothing Is Perfect
California Sunset
Down By The River
Old Man
Get Back To The Country
Grey Riders

Lineage equipment : Unknow
Source : AD1 (1st analog tape transfered on DAT)
Transfer : DAT>optical cable>EXTIGY soundcard connected to PC with FIREWIRE>GOLDWAVE (editing, Level Adjust, Equalization, Track Split Aligned for CD compatible)>FLAC Level 8 - md5 signature - Fingerprint
NB = this is not a CD Rip but a direct transfer from DAT



01 Country Home.flac:3660c9cbf2adbeaadea4502b13fad989
02 Comes a Time.flac:640ee0b30ea500ac8695c8695895b813
03 Looking for a Love.flac:92ffe1e4f2e694e2aa62abf98522abec
04 Bound for Glory.flac:02ebaae7bc7992236a411ab908ec39e7
05 Heart of Gold.flac:8d4cf4439500b5407eeb18d417ebbf7f
06 Barstool blues.flac:8cae3ad1bcf156afb422a9bf21651e72
07 Southern Pacific.flac:2e304dc6db6c17fa812fede3f33da2d2
08 Once an Angel.flac:9499a3f937b5618af382c4927c19fd2c
09 The needle and the damage done.flac:94154c77c2cbef32951a0526eb5124a6
10 Sugar mountain.flac:080924656af0dd3ae2ac3217f02cd281
11 The Needle and the damage done.flac:06ba9996d5c493332ab01767f61d7100
12 Nothing is perfect.flac:c65ba6dc877dda0d3789a88587d9f83f
13 California Sunset.flac:9d71e8c2f3b4bf31ca9b5626affe36bb
14 Down by the River.flac:ec784d05407efdb0bfb7be85d56a7493
15 Old man.flac:be5a9312364f1e7dd91ddb93a45ae12a
16 Powderfinger.flac:9fc827524e85dd77d551c109a530b7a5
17 Get back to the country.flac:efc9be801af21e41524eecd70d93ae46
18 Grey Riders.flac:a402c33a58a109511cb7554fb38fe545