Neil Young
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
w/ Crazy Horse

CD 1 67'48"
01) Mr. Soul
02) Cinnamon Girl
03) When You Dance, I Can Really Love
04) Touch The Night
05) Bad News Beat
06) Down By The River
07) Too Lonely
08) Heart Of Gold
09) Inca Queen
10) After The Gold Rush
11) Drive Back
12) Opera Star
13) Road Of Plenty

CD 2 68'54"
01) Cortez The Killer
02) Sample And Hold
03) Computer Age
04) Violent Side
05) Mideast Vacation
06) Long Walk Home
07) The Needle And The Damage Done
08) Hippie Dream
09) Powderfinger
10) Like A Hurricane
11) Hey Hey, My My
12) Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll

Tour : 1986 Live In A Rusted Out Garage with Crazy Horse
Band : Crazy Horse, Line Up 3
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

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D1 01 Mr Soul.flac:4b25c02148a5579b2595a3f60e3136ff
D1 02 Cinnamon Girl.flac:3a024f6dadb14670310e100091230747
D1 03 When You Dance.flac:173adc424b955871559372e4ab58e003
D1 04 Touch the Night.flac:7b483af1ea21693767211fcf3ef63cae
D1 05 Bad News Beat.flac:c1a82144f3949747d57d7f8a7198ce30
D1 06 Down by the River.flac:0d65ecfe4a842779c0479343bef9ff99
D1 07 Too LOnely.flac:8eab2351cc02317e13ae40fc8a62c421
D1 08 Heart of Gold.flac:34d46c8ff164a7e140d3f489b11ac5d8
D1 09 Inca Queen.flac:acbb7ce0dd2690de5bd80ab2acae020f
D1 10 After the Gold Rush.flac:511388774cc3633bf25fa947a152ae90
D1 11 Drive Back.flac:ea4a003779d6a191829d507d54dadd83
D1 12 Opera Star.flac:e64267c50ed7622eda94b89edab65cbf
D1 13 Road of Planty.flac:1997dc5189c8b03dc874b5ea7b90c992
D2 01 Cortez the Killer.flac:dea57e87bda441669c16b4b6e9136d6a
D2 02 Sample and Hold.flac:7fa95d1fb4368b06f28eac837d76e48a
D2 03 Computer Age.flac:c3e14679af391c8540a0aaf57ca91c55
D2 04 Violent Side.flac:7f9ab580f2bbd60b8a1ae5306a587753
D2 05 Mideast Vacation.flac:4f2e2ff745855e5aef6cfb894264c485
D2 06 Long Walk Home.flac:aa2d41572b1972db35c4243f350e7c29
D2 07 The Needle.flac:2e3236c42d6d31263333be7af5ce3839
D2 08 Hippie Dream.flac:8f26b09e725eb163c774de4226ca43f1
D2 09 Powderfinger.flac:4f19e00151651a435259c4a20d617029
D2 10 Like a Hurricaneowderfinger.flac:a97df5d44a0c3b46080ce0f9143d006e
D2 11 Hey Hey My My.flac:1954d3f781634dcc07443f2085d0fa93
D2 12 Prisoners of Rock and Roll.flac:40705265bd5bb6ea822b33c08c8bda65

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8a33ee756a170b1759637f2269fe463c *D1 02 Cinnamon Girl.flac
60e2b2f91c4feae5c5700d5049857a73 *D1 03 When You Dance.flac
8af8e2440c4538146d87ed2809a34af8 *D1 04 Touch the Night.flac
3b09a5c38971a193b8c8026e66162a4e *D1 05 Bad News Beat.flac
1628c4e9f105f4866e1f56231b026e78 *D1 06 Down by the River.flac
ee6c7f5335c4918791d38f5b27e41f1d *D1 07 Too LOnely.flac
135eeb9367f75d0e944c61f6ae60e551 *D1 08 Heart of Gold.flac
79f0aa54f19c293a24dc03eb5c7420ca *D1 09 Inca Queen.flac
95a5ac73161f387141bd836a4b89a281 *D1 10 After the Gold Rush.flac
15c8b7676e6dea08f39fb9c1dfafeb27 *D1 11 Drive Back.flac
b5c1c90bef7914ed4f239d816b5c633d *D1 12 Opera Star.flac
f3c09a82ed9194ce4282520b119e5c46 *D1 13 Road of Planty.flac
317aa56b2fc0b98dfd5d300d11c754e7 *D2 01 Cortez the Killer.flac
37588997afc2ed677b975248eb6b04fb *D2 02 Sample and Hold.flac
5108b08384c237d2094d31b5f336c76e *D2 03 Computer Age.flac
ae29664a75790dc54ad2899a597ed399 *D2 04 Violent Side.flac
01b5088ce2e6698ccb2aa9eece385143 *D2 05 Mideast Vacation.flac
ff672884335f71efa647b66056f702fc *D2 06 Long Walk Home.flac
8c603ec685a33753dc48962a30db021f *D2 07 The Needle.flac
0a35954f9bae83494c0dc93d753824ad *D2 08 Hippie Dream.flac
f39d0fdec16f2e08ea21ab3fff3a1bce *D2 09 Powderfinger.flac
2a037ffa4f6ab85fc8c5847d84481a7b *D2 10 Like a Hurricaneowderfinger.flac
2c64b014cba499f294c3f8582bbda5e7 *D2 11 Hey Hey My My.flac
0474868f6fcc8bc61f72a82b9aeccc37 *D2 12 Prisoners of Rock and Roll.flac