Neil Young and Crazy Horse
The Patriot Center
Fairfax VA
September 26, 1986

Lineage: 2nd generation recording, recorded with portable Sony cassette recorder (model unknown) on Maxell XLII tapes > Denon CDR-W1500> CD>EAC>flac

Disc 1 Ė Set 1:

Mr. Soul
Cinnamon Girl
When You Dance I Can Really Love
Touch The Night
Bad News Beat
Down By The River
Heart Of Gold
Inca Queen
After The Goldrush
Too Lonely
Opera Star
Road Of Plenty
Cortez The Killer

Disc 2 Ė Set 2:

Sample And Hold
Computer Age
Violent Side
Mideast Vacation
Long Walk Home
The Needle And The Damage Done
Hippie Dream
Like A Hurricane
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Prisoners Of RockíNíRoll

Be warned, the quality on this recording is not that great. Our seats were on the side and fairly high up. This was also one of my first attempts at taping and it didnít turn out quite as good as I hoped. Which is a shame because this was a good show on a great tour. I donít recall ever seeing any other versions of this show on Dime, but according to Sugar Mountain it was taped by someone other than yours truly so at least one other version apparently exists out there somewhere. But Iím putting this out for those of you completists who may be interested as well as for those of you who were also there. If youíre looking for a good quality Neil show from this tour, there are other (I assume) better quality shows still being seeded here on Dime.

Tape fades (from my original cassette transfer) after Heart Of Gold, Cortez The Killer, and Hippie Dream.

Tape flips at 5:38 of Inca Queen and after Powderfinger.

Slight glitches at 2:14 of Road of Plenty, at 7:59 of Cortez The Killer, and at 4:38 of Computer Age.

No selling, trading only