Neil Young
1986-09-30 Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Source: Unknown equipment, 1st gen audience
Location: Unknown
Transfer: Nakamichi DRAGON > Tascam SS-R1 > CF-card reader > PC > WAV > flac
Editing: RAW Version, minor normalisation and some slight cutting/pasting for cassette flips.
Artwork: Not included
Suggested split for CD burning; start CD 2 with Track 15

w/ Crazy Horse

1. Mr. Soul (inc)
2. Cinnamon Girl
3. When You Dance I Can Really Love
4. Touch The Night
5. Down By The River
6. Heart Of Gold
7. Inca Queen
8. After The Gold Rush
9. Drive Back
10. Opera Star
11. Too Lonely
12. Cortez The Killer
13. Sample And Hold
14. Computer Age
15. Violent Side
16. Mideast Vacation
17. Long Walk Home
18. The Needle And The Damage Done
19. Hippie Dream
20. Powderfinger
21. Like A Hurricane
22. Hey Hey, My My (inc)
23. Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll

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