Neil Young
Nov. 9, 1987 early show
Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA

audience recording by Rick. C.
probably Sony ECM-989 stereo microphone, recorded either to PCM-F1 or Nakamichi Dragon

transferred from PCM tape lent to Easy Ed by Rick C.

transfer by Easy Ed: PCM 14 bit Beta played in Sony SL-HFR30 and Sony PCM-601esD > coax digital out (44.1kHz, 16 bit) > coax digital cable > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Sound Forge 8 (24 bit, tracking, fades, convert bit depth) > export regions to 16 bit .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding align on sector boundaries. Not burned to cdr - no EAC.

1. Welcome To The Big Room
2. Find Another Shoulder
3. High Heels
4. Hello Lonely Woman
5. Ain't It The Truth
6. Your Love Is Good To Me
7. One Thing
8. Sunny Inside
9. Life In The City
10. Soul Of A Woman
11. This Note's For You

Here is what I can deduce about the lineage. Rick C. recorded the show, and made an edited transfer from his master tape to a 14 bit PCM Beta tape, which he loaned me. I transferred as detailed above.

The master tape could have been made on a Sony PCM-F1 or on cassette (Rick favored his Nakamichi Dragon, as I imagine we all would). There is plenty of high end and dynamic range, which would suggest a digital recording. But there is noticeble distortion. That could just be from the SPL or volume being so loud in the small club that is overloaded the microphone or the mike preamps in the recording unit, so that doesn't rule out PCM. But I think I hear some wow and flutter, which would rule out a digital recording.

The PCM Beta tape that RC lent me is labeled "Edited Neil Young Cabaret 11/9/87". We can assume that 'edited' refers to the fact that some (but not all) of the material between songs has been edited out. According to the setlist at no songs are omitted. To make those splices a little less abrupt I did quick fade outs/fades ins, amounting to less than a half a second each.