Expecting the definitive upgrade for this show from the Robert Mullen Master, I offer
my copy in a RAW form (no equalization, the original recording as it was) from a DAT CLONE,
Wich I don't have any information of the master tape lineage.
I reiceved this DAT lots of years ago from a trade with a Japanese friend collector.
It's a perfect replica of the original analog master (but I don't know if it come from R.M. master)

It's the 1st time that I have transfered this show from my DAT.
What seems to me, that the other Upload come from the same source, but I consider mine an Upgrade
for those reasons : Don't have all the noises caused by an excess of equalization, the pitch here is right,
it's more long in terms of duration, and the source is more near at the master, sound more natural at my ears.
And at last it's a direct transfer not a CD rip.
So Here to you the UPGRADE (expecting the definitive Robert Mullen Upgrade).

Enclosed the art covers by AV



Neil Young & Ten Men Working

Palace Arena,Auburn Hills,Michigan
September 4, 1988

00 intro
01 Ten Men Workin
02 Hello Lonely Woman
03 I'm Goin
04 Married Man
05 Crime of the Heart
06 Life in the City
07 Coupe de Ville
08 Ordinary People
09 The Days that Used To Be
08 Box car
09 After the Goldrush
10 Fool for your Love
11 Bad News
12 Ain't it the Truth
13 Hey Hey
14 This Note's for You
15 Doghouse
16 Tonight's the Night

Total time = 01:58:32

Date of Transfer = 27/06/2010
by AV

Lineage >Analog master>DAT>DAT CLONE>DAT MASH>COAXIAL>M-AUDIO Audiophile Firewire>FIREWIRE>
PC>GOLDWAVE (16/48) - Edits some cuts + Fade in & out - resample at 16/44.1 + Tracks Split
RAW version>encoded in FLAC (level 8 with FLAC FRONTED