Neil Young
the Freedom acoustic tour
Great Woods Perf. Arts Center
Mansfield, Mass.
previously (mistakenly) posted as
September 6, 1989
the correct date is actually
June 9, 1989
audience recording (unknown lineage)
runtime: 78:34
1: out of the blue 3:52
2: rockin' in the free world 4:31
3: comes a time 2:47
4: sugar mountain 6:23
5: Pocahantas 5:02
6: helpless 4:54
7: crime in the city 4:58
8: for the turnstyles 4:22
9: this old house 4:46
10: roll another number 3:31
11: too far gone 2:57
12: this note's for you 3:46
13: the needle and the damage done 2:21
14: no more 4:32
15: after the goldrush 4:03
16: heart of gold 3:36
17: Ohio 3:34
18: rockin' in the free world 4:47
19: powderfinger 3:41
I recieved this in trade on a CD, as 17 tracks.
roll another number and too far gone were one
track, and this note and the needle were also
one track, so I've made a track for each song,
since there was a stoppage of play between them.
I didn't listen to this much before, because
it didn't sound that good. Apparently that was
because it needed DC offset, and level balancing.
so I applied DC offset and balanced the levels
out, now it sounds considerably better and
pretty enjoyable. I don't know if this is the
full show but the songs here are all there.
thanks much to musicjaime for providing
this recording. he didn't record it, thanks to
whoever did. they did a nice job, not much crowd
and a decent recorder and mikes, Neil comes through
clearly throughout the show. I'm pretty sure he did
play rockin' ITFW twice in the show. He did that in
a few of the 89 Freedom shows.
Do not sell this recording.
Not even God can sell freedom.
Trade freely and losslessly.