Neil Young
Pine Knob Music Theater
Clarkston, Michigan USA

Recorded By: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)

Equipment/Lineage: 2 DAK-5245 Mics>Sony D6c Cassette Recorder(Dolby C on)>Master
Cassette's (TDK-SA-X90's)>Yamaha Double Cassette Deck K-902 (Dolby C off)>CD Wave
Editor>TLH flac level 8.

Comments: Here is Neil solo with Frank Sampedro and Ben Keith at the "Knob". We had
some good seats for this show, dead center and about 20 rows or less as I recall from
the stage. The thing with the sound sitting at that location was that it was on either
side of us, so it doesn't sound as close to the stage as we were IMHO. The recording
came about about average for this venue not known for good acoustics. Some of the crowd
around us were relatively noisy with some woowhooo's going on. Neil and his two band
mates performed well this evening at the rowdy "Knob". Had a tape change during the encore
missed very little music.

This is from the master cassette tapes. There may be a 1st generation (off the master)
circulating. There may also be another source recording for this show, however, I do not
have a copy of that possible version.

Please: Convert to lossy format only for personal use.
Please: Do Not Buy or Sell This Recording.
Please: Trade Freely, Keeping The Recorder And Lineage Information Intact
Please: Relax and Enjoy!


01-Hey Hey, My My
02-Rockin' In The Free World
03-Sugar Mountain
07-Crime In The City
08-Four Strong Winds
09-Too Far Gone
10-Roll Another Number
11-This Note's For You
12-The Needle And The Damage Done
13-No More
14-After The Gold Rush
15-Heart Of Gold
17-Rockin' In The Free World (Reprise)


19-Powderfinger (Tape Change)

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