Neil Young
New York, NY

September 5, 1989

The Stonecutter Collection 153

Source: Sony ECM-909A mic > Sony WM-D6c > 1st generation cassette (Maxell-XL II)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > WAV > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8

Traders Den 4/28/16

Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 781


This was a solo acoustic show.

There was another post back in 2012 (most likely from dime) with this lineage:

1st gen cassette Pro Tools CDR EAC wav flac. I have not heard that source.

What I have here is another 1st gen copy from possibly a new, different source.

I'm also wondering if any of this concert was filmed for TV.

I'm seeing a few sites that indicate a video source. I can't seem to actually find any film footage.

I would like the Neil experts to chime in on this one. Tell me if this is a new audience source.

The sound quality is noticably distant and somewhat phasey, almost like a tape warble effect, not sure why.

Maybe it's just Neils guitar effects that make it sound that way.

Based on quality, I would consider this more for the collector and not so much for the casual fan.

If you're looking for an alternate source, this ones for you.

Neil plays 'Rockin' In The Free World' twice. I've given samples of both versions.

Thanks to Rich for supplying his 1st gen copy.

Side A
01 My My, Hey Hey
02 Rockin' In The Free World
03 Sugar Mountain
04 Someday
05 Winterlong
06 Helpless
07 Pocahontas
08 Crime In The City

Side B
09 This Old House
10 Barstool Blues
11 Too Far Gone
12 Roll Another Number
13 This Note's For You
14 The Needle And The Damage Done
15 No More
16 After The Goldrush
17 Heart Of Gold
18 Ohio
19 Rockin' In The Free World
20 Powderfinger

Total Time = 92:05 min